Interactive Whiteboard


Smoothboard  v.

Smoothboard is the latest Wiimote Whiteboard Wii Whiteboard software that allows you to turn any screen surface into an interactive whiteboard easily with just a Wii Remote and an infrared (IR) pen. Existing Smoothboard 1.


2Know! Toolbar  v.2.0.0013

The 2Know! Toolbar floats above other applications on your computer screen, interactive whiteboard, or projection screen. Using a designated responder, you can control the software from anywhere in the classroom.

AVerVision Flash Plug-in  v.

Use your AVerVision document camera with your favorite interactive whiteboard software! The AVerVision Flash Plug-in is a software package that lets you use your AVer doc cam with other popular classroom software.

WiimoteWhiteboard  v.0.2

This program allows you to use the Wii Remote (Wiimote) to turn any surface into a Low-Cost Interactive Whiteboard. THis program uses Java to allow for (some) platform-independence.

LinQ Software  v.1. 3. 1934

LinQ software connects a networked computer such as a wireless laptop, to a SMART Board interactive whiteboard. This makes it easy to share any student's desktop with the entire class.


With this software you can control Triumph Board. TRIUMPH BOARD offers an array of award winning interactive whiteboard technologies.

Pentabulous!  v.1.0

Pentabulous! is a free Windows software program to implement the wiimote interactive whiteboard. It was designed to be compatible with all of the components featured and sold by

A Yearful of Assemblies  v.

This is an exciting book on Assemblies throughout the Year that meets the needs of today's teachers and children. The book suggests ways to use modern resources, such as an Interactive Whiteboard and the Internet; yet it retains the basic need to

WIRIS Whiteboard 2009  v.1.0.1

WIRIS Whiteboard 2009 is a collection of interactive math resources specially designed for Interactive Whiteboards o beamer. Includes 100 laboratories and exercises for secondary education mathematics teaching.

SESE Interactive  v.

SESE Interactive Software, award-winning designer uses proven formula to make it easy and exciting to combine the teaching of history, geography and science, so that each complements the other perfectly.

Touchless Touch  v.1.7

Touchless Touch allows you to turn any flat surface into a multi-touch touch screen. Suitable for Video Walls, Interactive Whiteboards, Interactive Floors and more.

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